Life is cut once

Do you have any good ideas of how to live? This is one of the difficult questions which anyone must have thought about at least one time. Some people might say that I know what human life is or how to survive human life, and other people might say that I don’t know why we live and just live a busy life. Although there are many kinds of people who have their own individual opinions for life, I think most people, especially young people don’t have and seek methodology which leads us to a successful and happy life. From now, I would like to explore and consider how to spend our life well in terms of human spirits. Generally speaking, young people are short of experience to get lessons on life. So we should learn such hints from predecessors.

In 1999, professor, John D. Krumboltz majoring in psychology at Stanford University proposed “Planned Happenstance Theory”. In his theory it is believed that an individual’s career is decided by 80% unexpected events or chance encounters. And then we can make the most of such happenings by our efforts or independence and obtain corresponding force. In addition, we can create opportunities which let us imagine our career in the future by trying aggressively and intentionally to make the unexpected events or chance encounters. In order to create such happenings, Krumboltz advocated five skills : Curiosity, Persistence, Flexibility, Optimism, and Risk taking. Each skills means as follows.

  1. Curiosity ― Looking for opportunities to study new things.
  2. Persistence ― Keep striving without giving in.
  3. Flexibility ― Giving up sticking to something and changing our belief, concept, and attitude.
  4. Optimism ― Being positive and thinking “I can do it”.
  5. Risk taking ― Not being afraid of failure.

With these five skills, we can create chances and enjoy dealing with troubles, I think.

Of course, you know Steve Jobs, don’t you? He was an American information technology entrepreneur and inventor, and was the co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Apple. Actually, he is one of the famous people who put Krumboltz’s theory into practice. According to his biography, he kept taking action without being afraid of failure and learned from such failures. He thought trial and error is essential to progress. He was not only a genius but also a positive. This is his saying, “You cannot connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust the dots will somehow connect in your future.” I think we should cherish what we know well, what we learned hard, and what we are interested in, even though we cannot be certain that what we do now will be useful in our career or in something in the future. I believe what I am trying hard today will continuously connect, connect, connect, and connect good chance and lead me to great future !!

Do you live with a motto? A Motto has much influence on our fundamental behavior and attitude. When you face some difficult problem or reluctant to do your tasks, your motto you believe in will give you power and help you struggle. As for me, I keep in mind a motto, “Who dares wins”. It means only those who take risks win. The special force of British army, SAS (Special Air Service) holds up this motto. When I am unable to make a decision, “Who dares wins” always presses my back. So I can challenge myself to new fields. What do you say to finding out your motto?

Is the grass on the other side always greener? If you are to be much happier, you should never compare yourself with other people. Is it meaningful for us to compare our life? We have our own original life. And don’t look back in disappointment, anger, and sadness. There are lots of great opportunities in the future. We can make life whatever we hope. Therefore we should concentrate on what we devote ourselves to.

“人生是一箇、活殺全在我”― we only have one life to live, and so whether or not we make use of lifetime depends on us. Thus far I explored some hints of life: “Planned Happenstance Theory”, Steve Jobs’ career approach, the importance of motto, and originality of life. I think all of these have human thoughts and heart in common. After all success or happiness are up to the way of our thinking. I would say to people who assume themselves to be unlucky that “Change your mind!!”. I don’t want absolutely to regret. So I keep trying to be positive, believe in myself, and get success and happiness!! Life is cut once, who dares wins !!